The summer transfer window is in full swing, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of all the transfers. The transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus to Real Madrid has already been the most talked about of all, and the Portuguese has already managed to become the best player in the world.
However, the transfer of Khediri from Real Madrid to Manchester United is another story. The player has already played for the Red Devils for a few years, but he has never managed to win the coveted title. The Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho has already stated that he will not give his star player a chance to win gold medals, and he has already started to make changes to the team.
The latest news about the transfer is that the club will make a big signing, and Khedriar will join the team as a midfielder. The previous season, the Portuguese coach managed to get a lot of goals from the player, and this time he will be able to do the same. The club is also expected to make a loan move for the player.
Will Cristiano leave Real?
The transfer of Ronaldo from the Juventus to the Spanish capital has already become a hot topic, and many people are expecting that the transfer will be completed in the near future. The fact that the Portuguese player managed to score so many goals in the previous season is a good proof of his skills.
Many people are already wondering about the fate of Cristian Tretino, who was also a part of the team that won the Champions League. The Argentine player managed not to play in the Champions Cup, but the Portuguese club still managed to loan him to the Italian Serie A.
It is obvious that the player will be a good addition to the lineup of the Red devils, and Mourinho has also stated that the team will not make any transfers in the summer.
Manchester United and Khodriar
The Portuguese coach has already begun to make some changes to his lineup, and now he will try to get rid of Cristiana. The Red Devils have already managed not too successful seasons, and they are not able to compete with the leaders of the Premier League.
In the last season, Manchester United was in the second position of the English Premier League, and even Mourinho admitted that the Red Devil’s squad is not the best in the English championship. However, the team is not a complete failure, and there is still hope for the future.
Khediri has already proven that he is a player who can help the team to win. He managed to make the most of the opportunities that he was given, and his performance in the matches of the Champions league has already won him a lot.
If the player manages to get into the starting lineup of Manchester United, then the club may be able not only to compete in the domestic championship, but also in the European arena.

The Red Devils are also expected not to make any big transfers this summer, and that is why the team may be the first to make an important signing.
Main Intrigues of the Transfer Window
The season has already ended, and we have already seen the main transfers of the summer, so it is time to look at the main intrigues that will be held in the transfer window.
Firstly, it is worth mentioning the transfer that will affect the lives of the fans the most. The most expensive transfer of the last summer was the acquisition of Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal. The Chilean player is a fantastic striker, and will be an excellent addition to Mourinho’ squad.
Another player that will definitely please the fans is the acquisition by Manchester United of Anthony Martial. The Frenchman has already scored a lot for the club, and is a key player of the attack.
At the same time, the club has also managed to sign the player from Monaco, which is another good sign for the fans.
Also, the player of Liverpool will be the main star of the season, and if the club manages to sign him, then it will be another good addition for the team, and a good demonstration of the skills of the young players.
All the latest news on the transfers can be found at our website, where the information is updated in real time.
Who will leave Real and join Manchester United in summer?
Now, the main transfer of this summer was that of Cristhiano Ronaldo. The star player of Juventus managed to leave the team for a better deal, and has already joined the Red and Blacks.
This transfer is another proof of the fact that Mourinho has managed to find a good balance between the team and its leaders. The team has already made a lot, and in the next season they will try not to lose points.
Real Madrid has also been trying to get the best out of Cristiani, and managed to do it by signing the player for a good price. The main star that the Madrid club is looking for is the player who will replace Ronaldo.
There is still a lot that can be done in the future, and with the transfer deadline approaching, it will become easier to follow the news about them.
What will happen with the loan deal of Alexis Sánchez?
In summer, the loan of Alexis from Arsenal to Manchester City was also announced. The young player managed well in the first season with the Gunners, and was able to score a lot and make many assists.

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