The summer transfer window is already in full swing, and the teams have already managed to strengthen their positions. However, there are still some positions that are not yet filled, and this can be the reason for the lack of success of the teams in the Serie A.
The main problem of Juventus is the lack in the number of reliable players. The team has already managed a number of transfers, but they are not really effective, and they can be replaced by the young players.
Among the most promising young players of the team are:
* Matuidi;
* Cavani;
• Gattuso;
The latter is a player who has already scored a lot of goals for the team. The main problem is the fact that the team has not managed to find a reliable replacement for him.
However, the team still has a lot to do, because the season is still very long, and it is very important to strengthen the positions that have already been occupied.

The team has managed to win the championship of Italy for the first time in a long time, and now it is the main favorite of the Champions League.
Main Intrigues of Juventus
The season of the Italian championship is very interesting, because it will be very difficult to decide who will win the title. The teams have a lot in common, and in the summer they managed to make a number transfers.
In the summer, Juventus has managed a lot, because they signed:
1. Matuidir. The young player has already shown that he is able to perform at the highest level, and he is already considered one of the main players of Juventus.
2. Gattu’s loan. The player has a good chance to become a main star of the club, because he has already showed that he can score a lot.
3. Cavani. The midfielder has already become a favorite of many fans.
4. The transfer of De Ligt. The goalkeeper has already been playing for the club for several years, and his performance has already earned him the reputation of a reliable goalkeeper.
It is clear that the summer transfer has already paid off for Juventus, because now the team is considered one the main favorites of the championship.
All Serie A Results
The first rounds of the Serie a have already shown a lot that the season will be really interesting. The first matches of the new season have already confirmed that the main intrigue of the season lies in the struggle for the champion title.
At the beginning of the tournament, Juventus was the favorite, but the team was not able to get the desired result, because other teams managed to get into the playoffs.
This is a very important result, as the team will have to fight for the title for the second time in the season.
Now, the main goal of the Juventus is to get to the Champions league zone, and if they manage to do this, it will become a real sensation.
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Latest Serie A results
The Serie a is the most prestigious Italian championship, and its results are very important for the teams. Now, the season has already started, and there is still a lot for the clubs to do.
There is a good understanding between the teams, and no one is afraid to make some mistakes. However the main thing is to win, and right now the teams are the main contenders for the victory in the championship, because there is a lot at stake.
Of course, Juventus is not the only team that is trying to get closer to the champions league, but if the team manages to get there, it can become one of them.
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How to Follow the Results of Serie
The new season of Serie is already starting, and many teams are already fighting for the championship title. This is a great opportunity to show the best game of your team.
As for Juventus and its rivals, the teams will have a busy season, because if they want to get close to the champion league, they will have many more problems.
One of the most important tasks of the upcoming season is the fight for a place in the Champions club tournament. This will be a real test for the main teams, because this tournament is very difficult, and only the best teams can get into it.
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Serie A Results and Predictions
The championship of the country of Italy is one of its most prestigious tournaments, and every year it attracts a lot not only of fans, but of professionals too.
Many teams are fighting for a long tournament distance, and each of them has a number advantage.
For example, the fact of having a good bench allows the team to play at maximum capacity.
Another advantage of the clubs is the experience of the players.

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