The start of the season in the Premier League has been a real struggle for the teams, who are constantly fighting for the title. The fight for the champion title is very intense, and the teams are constantly changing the positions.
At the start of this season, Arsenal was the first to get into the fight for gold medals, but the Gunners have not yet managed to get a decisive result. The team’s performance in the first matches was not really convincing, and it is still far from the desired level.
The main problem of the team is the lack of motivation. The Gunners are not in the best shape, and they are not able to show their full potential. In the beginning of the championship, the team was not in a good shape, too, and this affected the results of the club.
However, the main problem for the Gunner’slive is the bad luck of the teams in the transfer market. The main transfer of the Gunns was the acquisition of Alexis Sanchez, who is now a key player of the Sanchez-led team.
After the transfer, the Arsenal team started to show a lot of results, and now it is in the leading position of the standings. The club is also in the top-4 of the Premier league, and in the fight against the teams from the top 4, the Gunni’z are a real force.
In the fight with the teams of the top4, the most important thing for the team will be to get the necessary points to get to the playoffs. The Arsenal team has a good chance of getting into the playoffs, because the main rivals of the Arsenal are Manchester United and Liverpool.

The team has good chances to get points in the matches against these teams. The first matches of the new season of the English Premier League showed that the Gunnarsson’ team is a real contender for the championship title.
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Arsenal – Villa – 3:1
The new season in English football is very busy, and there are many interesting confrontations. The most important of them are the matches between the teams that are fighting for a place in the Champions League zone.
This season, the struggle for a ticket to the Champions league is very tense. The teams have to fight for a position in the zone of the best teams. In this struggle, the teams have the following advantages:
1. Good selection of players. In such a competition, it is very important to have a good selection of the strongest players.
2. Experience of the players. The players who have already played in the national championship or in the Europa League can play in the championship of England.
3. Good teamwork. The leaders of the clubs have to work together and make the best out of their chances.
All these factors will help the teams to get through the competition.
Now, the fight is especially tense between the Arsenal and Manchester United. The game of the Red Devils is very difficult, because they have a lot to prove. The season has already been very busy for the Red devils, and many important results have been achieved.
Among the most interesting results of Manchester United are the following:
* the victory in the English Cup;
* victory in a match against Chelsea;
* the victory over Tottenham Hotspur.
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Main Intrigues of the Season
The season is now in full swing, and several interesting confrontings await you. The best of them is the fight between Manchester United, Arsenal, and Liverpool for the Champions title. All the teams can count on the fact that the season will be very intense and exciting.
There are several factors that will help you to make the most of the busy season.
1) Good selection. The clubs have a great selection of their strongest players, and their performance in matches is very good.
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One of the most intriguing confrontations is the struggle between Manchester City and Tottenham. The match of the two teams is very interesting, because it will decide the fate of the champion’ title. If the match of Tottenham and the Citizens is a draw, then the Spurs will be the champion. If Tottenham wins, then it will be a difficult fight for City to get back to the champion zone. The Spurs are the main competitors of the Citizens in the struggle to get in the playoffs zone.

2) Experience of players in the confrontations with the strongest teams.
Many of the leaders of Manchester City have already won gold medals in the international arena. The experience of the squad is very useful in the confrontation with the Spurs.
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